Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Blog…

Ok, so has changed their format over to some new format, and it has really messed up my blog. I can’t do anything, and they lost, yes LOST!, my blogroll. So I am boycotting and creating a new blog on blogspot. So, here is my new blog:

PS, for those of you who were lost to me (blogroll) could you please e-mail me your blog so that I can once again add you to my blogroll? Thanks!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Full-Time :-) …

I start full-time this week (Friday) at one of my part-time jobs. Going to be working full-time at Macon County (which is the County that I live in). Still keeping other part-time job.  The other county I work in is much busier than the one I live in, so I want to stay on there for more experience.

Oh, and I just saw the coolest thing the other day while on a call. Me and my partner got called to a bee sting, and the pt’s airway was closing really fast. My partner tried intubating (putting a tube down the throat into the trachea), but could not pass the tube. Her airway was too small for the tube to pass through, and shrinking fast. So my partner had to preform a surgical cric (cutting the throat open and sticking a tube through the hole into the trachea to get an airway). Hardly ever has to happen, and usually when it does, it doesn’t end well. But it was that or let the pt die. Fortunately this one ended really well and pt should be going home from the hospital any day now. It was so awesome! I am so glad that I got to see it done before I was in the position of having to do it myself. I mean, I could have done it if I had to, but seeing it done on a live person verses practicing on manikins are two very different scenarios. You can mess up as much as you want on a manikin and not kill it. Now that I have seen it done on a real person, I know that if I ever have to do it (knock on wood that I never have to, wouldn’t wish that on anyone), I won’t be so scared.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

In other news…..

Well, life has been super busy lately. Been working A LOT (between 50-80 hours a week). I am trying to save up some money to come to WA in Sept. I have already bought the tickets, so I can’t back out. ;-) Just need some spending money and money for time I won’t be working to pay the bills. One thing that sucks about being part-time… no vaca time. But I don’t mind too much. It all works out.

Daisy is keeping busy too. Durring the summer, her school takes a lot of field trips. They go to the rec pool every monday, to the library, and to the movies. She loves it. She is still in gymnastics, and loves it. This week the carnival was in town and we went on all the rides. She was kind of bumbed because she was still too little to go on two rides, the really scary ones, which she really wanted to go on. But she had fun anyways. We hooked up with some of her friends and we were there until it closed.

In other very belated news… I am an auntie now. So yeah for me!!! Topher James Nelson was born on 4/28. I know that it is really late to anounce, but it has been a long time since I blogged. So here is a a couple of recent pics of him that my sister sent me via cell phone.

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Bearded Dragon….

Daisy is terrified of dogs and cats. Even little ones. Her friend just got a bearded dragon, though, and now Daisy wants one. LOL. Here she is holding her friends bearded dragon.

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Now here is a sport that Daisy LOVES! They had their end of the year program a couple of weeks ago. It was fun to watch them strut their stuff. And they all got medals at the end. Here are some pics.

~In her special leotard~

~On the balance beam~
(me and my camera have issues sometimes, sorry it is kind of blurry)


~Getting her Medal~

~Her Medal~

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Well, I finally have some free time and internet access at the same time, so here goes some blogging. Daisy’s soccer season is over. I have to say that she just really wasn’t in to it as much as I thought she would be, so I don’t know if we will do it again next year, but I am glad that she got to try it out. Here is a picture from her last game.

The pic is from my phone, so it isn’t so great, but you can still see her and her team chasing after the ball. She is in the blue, second in from left.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg hunt…

If you haven’t noticed, I have posted a bunch of posts on the same day. I finally have some time to post something, so I am posting it all on one day to make up for lost time. Daisy had spring break this last week, so I only worked a couple of night shifts and spent the rest of the time with her. It was really nice to cut back on some hours and spend some time with the kid. Here are some pictures from an Easter Egg hunt that we went on this week. Kind of funny, she was so excited to see the Easter Bunny this year. She was terrified of him last year, and all she could talk about was how she was going to give him lots of love. But when it came time to walking the talk, she backed out big time. She wouldn’t go near him. Luckily, her friend, Nia, went up with her and she got a little courage from her friend.

~Happy Easter Everyone!~

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Daisy started soccer a few weeks ago. She loves to run and has sooo much energy, so I thought she would enjoy soccer. The first practice, she listened to the coach for about fifteen mnutes, but then decided she would rather pick flowers and spent the rest of the practice picking flowers. But now, she has gotten much better at listening to the coach and loves it. She is still scared of hitting the ball with her head, but we are working on that. Here is a pic of her team doing warm-up. (would you believe this was the day after the snow?)

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Snow durring spring break?

Yes, it snowed this last Tuesday. It has been 60-70, even up to 75 degrees the last month, and one day in the middle of it all, it decides to get down to the 30-40′s and snow! Just for one day, then the temp went back up the next day. The snow only lasted a little bit before it got too warm outside and melted. So crazy. Anyway, Daisy’s friend, Madison, came to our house on Monday and Tuesday because school was out, and they went outside to play in the snow. Well, tried to play in it. it was pretty much melted by the time we got coats, hats, and gloves on.

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I quit!!!

I did something that I have never done before last Sunday. I walked out of my job (at the gym) and quit. Didn’t plan on it. I actually enjoyed working at the Fitness Center and really enjoyed having a free membership. Plus I have a lot of friends that work there, but new managment royally sucks. They decided to do something with my hours without asking me and it really made me mad. When I tried to talk to them about it, they kept giving me lame excuses for doing what they did, and when I would not accept their lame excusses, they pulled out the complaint card on me (soooo untrue! and BS), but could not tell me what kind of complaints were said about me (soooo double BS!). Suprisingly, I felt so much better after I did that. And, even though I miss going there to work out and hanging out with my friends, I am glad that I did it. And I know that it made my boss mad, because I am the only person there on Sundays, so when I left there was no one there to cover the desk. So he had to come in and finish up my shift. Ha Ha ;-)

My other two jobs are going great, though. I have been picking up a ton of hours. Last week I worked 74 hours just EMS (plus 4 hours at the fitness center). I have even been broken from being scared of the haunted base. Seems like they like to schedule me there a lot. The first two nights I worked there, the partner that I was working with babied me and he slept in the living room with me. He slept on the recliner, and I slept on the couch. The first night, I was terrified, and I swear that I heard footsteps. But the last three nights that I have spent there, I have had a different partner and he refused to sleep in the living room with me. He even made me sleep in Millie’s (the ghost’s)  room. I had to sleep with the door open and the hall light on, but I survived and didn’t hear any crazy noises. (people say they hear screams, footsteps, cupboard doors open and shut. also that doors open and shut and lights turn on and off by themselves.) The story is that someone (Millie) killed themselves in the house before it was bought by EMS. There is even a bullett hole in the fireplace in the living room. It is kind of freaky, but I am getting used to the idea of sleeping there now. I still don’t like the idea of sleeping in a haunted place, but I can deal with it.

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